The Scrape was born in the summer of 2016 after a tumultuous few weeks that made me realise I had to make some changes in my life.

Most importantly I needed an outlet for my creativity that I had banned to the back of my drawer together with dusty, old socks and forgotten lingerie.
As I discover what life has to offer, I will share my experiences and thoughts on The Scrape and hopefully inspire others to take a look at what makes them happy and spread positive vibes. For a long time, I chose to dwell on negativity so now I am focussing on the Now and sharing my process on here.

What can you expect? Probably things that I love the most. There may be some passionate posts about things that are happening in the world right now, travels that inspired me, foods that filled me with joy or simply anecdotes of life that are worth sharing.
Stick around if you want to find out more or pop me a message if you have any ideas.

Lots of love,