breaking barriers

Recently there has been a lot of change, shifts and transitions (insert a range of synonyms for ‘change’ all of which seem to apply in a different way). Life is flowing and I’m flowing with it.
It has taught me the importance of letting things go.

We tend to hold on to things, hold grudges, overanalyse and misunderstand things on a regular basis. All we do then is create barriers in our mind that keep us from flowing with the wild river of life. When we have fought through our mind-created problems, we have to play catch up with all the things we missed out on. Or we never get to experience what we were supposed to experience in the first place because we got so distracted by something else.

Of course it is easier said than done. Holding on to things, feelings or people is what makes life that much more ‘interesting’ but letting problems go will give you even more opportunities and feelings to discover.

If you constantly stare into a tunnel of your life you might be missing out on the magical, colourful, vibrant jungle that is outside of the tunnel’s restraints.

There is no secret formula. Everyone has a different, individual approach and different things he or she wants to do. And you can do all these things if you set your mind to it.

People often told me I would not be able to do things because I did not take the traditional way.
I might have gone down a bit of a rocky path but it does not mean it was the wrong one. It’s the one I chose and I am pretty happy with where I am right now.

Which path would will you choose?

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