At the beginning of the year I sat at home, all alone, with too many things on my mind so instead of spiralling into laziness I decided to take a short trip to a place I always wanted to go to. Brighton!

Even though there were train strikes I somehow made it to Brighton without a hitch. A sign, right? I was meant to be there. To my surprise the weather was lovely and I had to quickly shrug off that thick winter coat and put on something more flattering. 😉

I had no idea where to go as I got off the train instead I just followed my intuition and walked straight into the buzz of this coastal town. I got lost in the Lanes for a bit window-shopping and admiring the quirky little shops with vintage jewellery, clothing or furniture.

In the afternoon I checked into my hotel which was literally a minute walk from the seafront and was sporting a range of themed rooms that added some extra character to its already existing charm. Its location was perfect because I was close enough to the centre to easily walk around to find a place to eat but also enjoy the silence.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Brighton (being a foodie and all) was to check out all the amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurants. There were so many of them that I urgently need to go back to try them all. One of the best restaurants (in my opinion) was right around the corner from where I was staying. Creamy Avocado-Basil Sauce with sun-dried tomatoes sprinkled on top of Courgetti. And the yummiest Brownie. What more could you want? I was in absolute heaven!

The next day I continued my stroll through the town’s centre and spent ages by the beach, lounging around and soaking up the fresh ocean breeze and the odd sun ray.

At some point I found myself lost in a bookstore browsing through all kinds of genres. I ended up getting ‘The Vegetarian’ by Han Kang. I really recommend this book to anyone, Kang’s writing style captured me immediately and offered a perspective of the South Korean culture with a twist. This place is really great to get inspiration, absorb positive vibes and creativity.

The last day of my ‘weekend away’ trip was spent sipping on yummy smoothies, eating all the food I could possibly fit and wandering around parks and the vibrant town’s sights.

Unfortunately, the rain decided to make an appearance that day and my train was delayed so I found myself in the cinema watching ‘A Monster Calls’.
Such a great movie! Another recommendation 😉 img_9691img_9737

I did eventually make it back home and as I walked through the drizzling rain, the only word that could possibly come close to how I felt was: Serenity.

So if you are thinking about getting out, a break or a holiday, just do it. It’ll definitely be worth it. Whether it is a weekend, a week or a year. You will always learn something new about this world and about yourself. How rewarding is that? 🙂 


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