Take Care

Recently I have heard a lot about self-worth. We experience self-worth in some form or another and often take it completely for granted. I have watched people put themselves down or put others down without thinking much about it.

Self-worth is the emotional value you attribute to yourself. And this is the important bit. YOU are the one that decides your self-worth. No one else.

Unfortunately, nowadays we seek circumstances where we can assess our self-worth based on other people’s opinions or we put ourselves down to fit in with everyone else.
In a society that thrives on understating your capabilities and shining personality, why would you want to be different?
Being different means you are running the risk of criticism and rejection. Who likes that?
As a result you lower your self-worth to fit in.

By constantly lessening our self-worth we get into a mindset that can lead to feeling stuck.

The power of words is incredibly strong so if you constantly say that your work was ‘alright’ instead of ‘brilliant’ because you don’t want to give yourself too much credit, you will reach a point where your work is just ‘alright’ because that’s what you kept on repeating in your head.

You tell your Self that you are alright. But actually, you should be thriving for more.
No one else has the power to tell you to get your butt out of bed and improve your skills, extend your knowledge or be better at your job. The only one who can decide to do that is you. You are your own responsibility. 

So what is your attitude towards your Self? Are you ‘alright’ or is there something else that you need to discover about yourself but you won’t because you tell yourself that you can’t?

Possibilities are infinite. There is absolutely no need to put yourself down. Once you have reached a goal, there will be a new challenge ahead of you. A lesson to be learnt or a mistake to be made. That’s life and that’s great!

Instead of understating our worth, we should celebrate our self-worth. We all have our values, things we are good at and that keep us going. Maybe you haven’t found ‘your thing’. I know I haven’t found my true passion in life yet. That’s completely fine.
But we should push on to find it. Never let your Self down.

Love and take care of yourself always, physically and mentally.


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