This should be a daily reminder, something to have tattooed on your arm. Choice.

Nowadays we follow rules. All the time. Most often we don’t even notice it. It is normal and part of our daily lives. I am not talking about the law, that is a different matter, I’m talking about the rules of society.

The rules we impose on ourselves because ‘everyone else is doing it, so I have to do it too’.

When has it become okay to shame someone because they are different?
Everyone is talking about diversity but few people actually live it. It takes courage.
People are offended when someone wants to break the norm.

How dare you like your own body? How dare you eat no meat? How dare you have a different opinion on politics than me? How dare you have a different religion?

The reactions are anything but of acceptance.

People have become very good at complaining, blaming and shaming.

Your opinion on this is wrong! That person is stupid. Look at my passive aggressive post!

What follows is a firework of insults, leaving both sides frustrated.

So, what do we do? Do we add another squirt of gasoline to the fire?

Do we add yet another ‘reply’ to the post about racism or sexism?

We have a choice.

We can either choose to feed the hungry flame of complaints or we can actually do something. Instead of shaming, blaming and name-calling, we can talk.
Have an open conversation that is understanding, calm and considerate.

We have a choice.

Should we further entertain our ego and give in to the hatred and fear that is being spread or should we stand up and be loving and kind? We can choose how we react to things, always.

We have a choice every morning when we open our eyes if we want to make this a good day or a great one.

Everyday you are faced with hundreds of choices and it is up to you to make them.
It doesn’t mean you will always make the right ones. You have to learn somehow, get that life experience under your belt. But the more aware you are of having a choice, the easier it will be to
break the unwritten rules and spread courage, goodness and love in your life.

Everything we say or do is a choice.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela

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