Life advice from a CEO

I should be reading a book about international business theory right now but I have these thoughts spooking around in my head that I really need to share.

This week I had the great privilege to go to a talk by the CEO of one of the biggest airlines in Europe. My expectations of this talk were mostly business-related but instead I got an entire new outlook on life… okay, I admit it, I am exaggerating. But this talk was sooo inspiring, it caught me off-guard. (Another thing catching me off-guard was the fact that I ran into the CEO in the toilet! What are the chances? Haha!)

The CEO kicked off her talk off by describing how she started out doing a university degree and then having no idea how she was going to go from there. First point I could relate to.

She assured everyone in the same position that it is fine to not know. The important thing is to go out and try things that you are interested in. Find out what it’s like to work in this job. What’s good or what’s bad? Maybe you find out you hate it. Use that knowledge to find out what you didn’t like and continue searching what you like.

One of her key messages here was that you should put out positive ‘vibes’. This is something I believe in very strongly and that I try to incorporate into my life everyday. If you put positive energy out there, you attract positive things to come to you. This goes for work as well as for the people in your life.

She had spent many years working in the media industry before starting her position in the aviation industry. She emphasised that there are so many options out there, skills that can be applied to more than just one job or industry. You just have to go out and find what your skills are and work hard on improving them. You will find your way.

The talk gave me a real push towards the future, not in an angsty millenial kind of way, but it inspired me to look beyond the obvious choices. Think outside the box. Go and try different paths and discover the things that may not exist yet. Maybe that’s where your place is.
Maybe whatever you are looking for hasn’t been done yet and it’s your job to create it.
You will never know until you have tried it. 🙂 

So what’s the main point here?
Stop worrying about the future, go out and do something. Anything! You might just end up loving it.

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” 

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