Short story: Sky and Sea

Her eyes were the sea. She had come into the cafe with her blue bag slung around her, one hand wrapped around its chain that attached to either side of the fashionable piece.
Her wavy hair was slightly dishevelled from the autumnal breeze outside, the golden tresses like molten gold, moving in a constant motion around her face. She ordered a steaming hot tea and settled down in the chair on the table right opposite his.

A few sips later, her phone vibrated on top the smooth white surface of the table. She picked it up, a ghost of a smile dancing across her lips. He could not hear her response but from time to time, the air carried over a soft giggle. Her cheeks would flush and return to their usual rosy colour, going back and forth like earth’s tidal waves.

When he next looked over to her, her lips were curved downwards, tears clinging on the edges of her eyes and she wiped them off unconsciously. She glanced at the wetness on her fingers and frowned, the space between her eyebrows wrinkling in little swirls.

His phone rang, interrupting.

She looked up but he did not see.

He snatched it up, pressing it against his ear in annoyance. A shiver, it was like stinging ice, ran down his spine. The voice on the other end kept repeating his name as he lost his footing and was swept away into the air. The wind took him, dangling him above the ground like a doll, then he was swallowed up. He lay at the bottom of the ocean as life and waves met above him.

The phone fell onto the smooth white surface of the table and he looked over to her again. She was gone, too.

A storm was brewing in his mind as he packed up. His hands shaking as rain drops fell on his skin only later did he realise his eyes, the colour of the sky, were the clouds.

Someone pulled back a chair, the sound creating an irritating noise that distracted him from the storm for a second, and when he looked up sky and sea met.

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