September Favourites

The month of September has ended and we are rushing well into the autumn season but I thought I would recap some of my favourite things from September, that could include anything, so be prepared.

Item: SourcedBox

This is a healthy snack box full of goodness. You can subscribe and receive the box every month straight to your door step. I admit, I was skeptical about this. I thought I can easily buy my snacks from the supermarket, I don’t have a need for this. But curiousity got the better of me and I decided to order my first box.


It was great, not only did it contain yummy, delicious treats (sweet and savoury) but it was also perfectly timed because I was about to embark on a short trip and these tiny snacks fit perfectly into my hand luggage and kept me from being ‘hangry’ during my flight.
I am a big fan of SourcedBox now, the only con I would have is that it is quite pricey but then you are supposed to eat the snacks over a month. I’m still working on that… hehe

Place: London – Greenwich


I have seen most of the touristy spots in London now, having lived in the UK for two years, but the last weekend one of my flatmates showed me this gem of a park which overlooks the skyline of London and is, of course, known for being the home to the Prime Meridian Line (as in Longitude 0°). Even though there is no angel choir or bright, unearthly light, it was a funny feeling to be on 0° longitude. Another spot near by worth checking out is the big world map in the National Maritime Museum. We went on a journey around the world, making me realise once more, how unbelievably huge our world is and how tiny I am.

Thing to do: Going to the local farmer’s market

This is a bit random but after getting extremely fed up with over-priced and bad quality fruit and veg the recent weeks, I decided to check out the local farmer’s market. It’s my new favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning. First of all, entering the market is an experience in itself as all the scents, visuals and happy smiles meet you and it is so much better than fighting with the self-service check out on how many bananas or tomatoes you have bought. Plus, maybe if you are nice you will get a small treat just because… you never know.

Feeling: Hugging a tree


Now this is a weird one but for me this is one of the best feelings in the world.
While walking through the park I spotted this gorgeous, old oak tree and I couldn’t resist but give it a hug. Just imagine how long it has been there, how much it has seen and experienced and how much it will see in the future. If trees could talk… that’s a new perspective for you, different from the if-pets-could-talk cliché.

Food: Pana Chocolate


This one was extremely hard for me because there were two contestants for the favourite food but in the end chocolate won. It always does.
A few months ago, SourcedBox introduced me to Pana Chocolate through their monthly box. I came back to the UK this summer only to find out that Pana was now being sold in Wholefoods stores around the UK (it’s originally from Australia so I was bummed out for a few days that I would never see it again).
I immediately went and got some. They are pure heaven.
Pana Chocolates are dairy free and full of organic and beautiful ingredients. They are honestly the best chocolates I have ever tasted. I’m hooked.
Let me know if you have tried them!

What have been your favourite things, moments or things to do in September?

Lots of love,

Vicky x

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